Desktop Cell Phone Stand

January 31, 2018

​You know how you sometimes buy something online and it isn't quite what you were expecting? You open it up and look at it and think "Would I have bought that if I had seen it on the shelf in person?"

No? You never have that thought? Liar!


Well THIS is definitely NOT one of those times for me! In fact, I've actually REORDERED this TWICE because people have seen it and said "Where did you get that? Can you get me one too?" Yeah, I'm good like that. You're welcome!

​Who Needs This?

​You do. Admit it, you wish that you had a solid desktop cellphone stand to put your phone or tablet on while you're watching Youtube or the latest episode of The Bachelor. We've all propped our phones up on a book, or a box of stale cereal (don't ask) and thought "Gee, wouldn't it be great if I had a little stand?" ... and then promptly forgot about it after you were done.

​Why? Because it's so simple. You don't even realize that you need it until you actually NEED it. That's why people see me with mine at the office and are amazed. They didn't realize that they even needed it because they're so used to just doing without. 

​Why THIS Cellphone Stand?

​There are a ton of different cellphone stands out there. Just go to Amazon and type in "desktop cellphone stand" and sit back! No shortage of them. But I'm telling you... this ​little thing is truly a universal phone holder. I have one at the office for my iPhone and one in the kitchen for my iPad while I'm watching reruns of The Golden Girls and doing dishes. Don't judge me. 

Best part? You're not even going to break the bank!


  • Solid. This is all metal. No plastic to break here!
  • Scratch-free pads on the base ensure no marks on your desk.
  • Universal. There's no reason why any phone or tablet wouldn't fit beautifully in this stand.


  • ​Your friends are going to drive you crazy until you order them one too.
  • This is not a charging stand. Even though you see a picture of a phone charging, this unit does not come with a built-in charger. You will need to use your own charging cable and attach it manually when charging your phone or tablet.

​Grumpy Verdict

Really? I already told you that I've re-ordered these TWICE for people. What more do you want me to say?

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